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A hand holding a house and the other hand signing in a document with keys on it

Who is Faizal Garasia

As an agent of the award-winning Dominion Lending Centres, I provide mortgage solutions to help you meet your financial goals when purchasing or refinancing a home.

I have access to more than 90 lenders, including the largest banks, credit unions, trust firms, and financial institutions in Canada. Unlike your bank, Dominion Lending Centre Mortgage House explores all your options with just ONE application and ONE credit check! Clients can get real offers from all the providers I work with without hurting their credit score or wasting valuable time meeting with each company on their own.

With a deep understanding of mortgage, credit, personal finance, taxes, real estate, current interest rate trend, and much more, I can certainly help you with whatever your needs are. I successfully handle every real estate financing scenario & secure approvals for clients in any circumstances. Most times other advisors have already given up on these scenarios. With drive and creativity, I could customize solutions to suit each of our client’s needs. No approval is the same for a home mortgages, so expect a personalized approach for your specific needs.

I could provide lower rates, easier approval, quality products, credit repair service, and not-so-stringent mortgage contracts at Dominion Lending Centre Mortgage House. I’m here to work for you, not the private mortgage lender in Toronto, offering the best of the best.

My specialties include providing mortgage advice and mortgages to clients with the following needs:

  • Home purchases
  • First-time home buyer mortgages
  • Refinances for debt consolidation
  • Refinances for home renovation or investment
  • Spousal buyout refinances for clients going through a separation or divorce
  • Mortgages for the self-employed
  • Investment properties
  • Vacation or second home properties
  • Non-resident mortgages
  • Permanent residents or non-permanent residents
  • Mortgages for those with past or present credit problems
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Credit repair
  • Credit rebuilds
  • and so much more!

It would be my pleasure to assist you anytime, anywhere, evenings, and weekends.

Contact me today!